Essay on Grass-fed vs. Grain-fed Beef

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In today's society, organic food is a giant new thing in which food is produced without any chemicals. In other words, the product must be 100 percent natural. A major food source of the American people is meat, and the way that it is produced today is a major issue. In feedlots, where cattle are fed grain to grow before being slaughtered, the conditions are terrible and horrifying. Cattle are confined to a limited amount of space and not allowed to roam freely. Also in these cattle growing yards, the risk of disease is much higher in these animals than out on the open range grazing on the grass. Beef critics say that there are no cattle breeds that posses the amounts of marbling present to make a good steak. It is a true statement to say …show more content…
This allows the cattle to be able to get the minerals and salts they need each day. Upon arrival to feedlots, cattle are worked and given shots of minerals and antibiotics. one crucial thing the new cattle receive is a growth implant. These implants are put in the ear, right under the skin. These implants allow the cattle to grow rapidly and gain weight very fast. It helps the feeder cattle convert the grain into fat faster(McCoy 65). It is not natural and it is definitely not healthy for humans to consume. One major difference between grass-fed and grain-fed beef is the presentation of the meat. Being leaner, Grass-fed beef is darker in color. It is darker in color because of the lack of fatty marbling scattered throughout the meat(studio). This marbling makes the meat much more flavorful and tender, but it is not very healthy. This unhealthy fat is present in grain-fed cattle that have been over fed and over fattened. The cattle struggle to get around and are out of shape(Hasheider 25). There is no muscling in feeder animals, it is almost all fat. A huge debate in the argument over grass-fed versus grain-fed beef is that there are no breeds of cattle that will present the amount of marbling that is desired by the American people(Egendorf 98). This is not the case. Beef cattle today are so much different than they were twenty-five years ago. They are even different than ten years ago. Modern

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