Morality Essay

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Morality is a hard term to define and decipher because there are so many things that have to be taken into account. If you line up a group of ten people and bring up a morality issue, you will mostly likely get different answers. People all over the world have many different beliefs and are raised to stand by those beliefs. Abortion is one of the hot topics in our country and a big moral issue. There are people who believe abortion is murder and completely, morally wrong. Then there are other people who believe that it isn’t wrong and it isn’t murder. Which one of these groups of people is right? Neither. The definition of morality is descriptively to refer to a code of conduct put forward by a society, or some other group, such as a …show more content…
When looking at Stephen Gould and Charles Darwin’s articles, you cannot compare them as moral issues.
     Gould’s article is about the ichneumon wasp and how it gets inside another organism and eats away at the inside until it is able to go out into the world and then it kills the organism. Some might argue that this is a moral issue because it deals with life and death. But in all actualities, the ichneumon wasp and the way it develops are nothing but acts of nature. People cannot control the wasp and what it does, it just does it in order to survive and reproduce. This would be an example of Darwin’s theory of Natural Selection. If the wasp was not supposed to be here and it was not supposed to develop by killing another organism, then it simply would die out and become extinct. It is doing something right if it is still here and thriving.
     Many people do not agree with Darwin’s theory of Evolution or Natural Selection, but it is just that, a theory proposed by someone. While it is highly regarded as truth, it cannot be proven to be complete facts. This is not an issue of morals; there is nothing moral or immoral about it. Darwin made his observations at the Galapagos Islands and he wrote about them and explained that the birds he observed all evolved from one species to adapt to the environment in which they lived. He then went on to say that how we are today, is evolved from something millions

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