Multiple Cause of Suicide Essay

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Suicide cases have shown that there are several causes of suicide. Suicide ranks 8th in causes of deaths in the United States (Smith). Suicide is the act of intentionally causing one’s own death. Depression and drugs are two large risk factors connected with suicide. Cases of suicide reveal many warning signs and risk factors, show strong connections with drugs and depression, and can have devastating impacts on families. There are many warning signs and risk factors associated with suicide. Warning signs are clues showing that someone is considering suicide. If someone is talking or thinking about death all the time, it can show possible suicidal behavior. Someone who is considering suicide may also call or visit people to say …show more content…
The anxiety from schizophrenia can also cause isolationism and withdrawal (Andrew). Clinical depression or other mental depression has been shown in about 90% or more of suicidal victims. Many occurrences of suicide have shown substance abuses or a combination of this and different mental disorders (Smith). Having depression or psychological disorders is many times followed by suicide attempts or actual suicide. Families are affected in many ways when suicide occurs in the family which leaves them questioning themselves. Age, ethnic groups, family, and gender are a few variations shown in risk factors of suicidal people. If a person is stressed, suicide and suicidal thoughts are not normal responses. If someone has attempted suicide before, if there is a mental disorder, suicidal history, violence in family, or any types of abuse in family are all risk factors shown dealing with the family (Smith). Using the arcane truth about the suicide is not the right thing to do because it’s threatening to the family in comparison to honesty, and the legitimate reason of the suicide. Revealing the truth about the suicide unleashes the family (Brown). Family is a key factor in the result of cases in suicide. Suicide can be committed in various ways that show different results. The top two ways of committed suicide are firearm hanging/strangulation, with drugs being the third.. Out of all the suicides committed by overdose, 69% ingested

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