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My portfolio absolutely reflects my understanding of persuasive writing. Persuasive writing focuses on the ability to formulate an essay that takes an argumentative stance, but takes the opposition into consideration as well. My portfolio also represents the goals and objectives of persuasive writing. The essays I have written for this course demonstrate that I have certainly developed my critical thinking skills, and developed, or better yet, mastered my communication and personal responsibility skills; but, because of my occasional lack of analysis and issues with word choice, my writing process is not perfected.
The strengths in my writing are my organizational skills, grammatical construct, and my work ethic. Organizing an essay is a
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Another example of exemplary grammar is the statement, “As Garrett Hardin would say, society picks and chooses who stays in the ‘lifeboat’” (“Lifeboat Ethics”). The comma is in its proper place and the term “lifeboat” is in apostrophes in order to emphasize the fact that “lifeboat ethics” is Garrett Hardin’s idea. The ability to organize a paper is a very important step in strengthening communication skills. My writing effectively organizes my thoughts, while using proper grammar.
My greatest strength as a writer is definitely my work ethic. I put in a vast amount of time and effort into writing essays. For many of my writing assignments this semester, I went to the writing center to obtain feedback on how to strengthen my essays in order to receive the best grade possible. Also, I received a 90, 92, and a 95 for the first three writing assignments due to my effort while writing the essays. Every one of my essays was completed in time for peer review in order to get my entire essay reviewed. It was important to me to have my entire essay reviewed, rather than just a couple of paragraphs. Also, I properly gave credit to sources in my essays. For example, the quote, “animals that have undergone induced mutations…and cloned animals are also

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