Shadows On The Wall by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor Essay

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Shadows On The Wall by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

Dan Roberts: Dan is the main character in Shadows On The Wall . He is constantly seeing and feeling some very strange things on his vacation . Every morning he takes a jog very early around Micklegate Bar . He also makes a new friend on his journey to York , England . Dan is 15 years old .
Joe Stanton: Joe is a cab driver . He and Dan become really good friends . Joe is an old but wise man in many ways . He also takes Dan to see all the sites in
York and drives all the people around , but mostly the people staying at the
Hotel .

Ambrose Faw: He was the leader in the Faw family . He and Joe are also very good friends and they have known each other for almost the whole lives .
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Dan finds this very weird that all of a sudden in the middle of the year his parents want to take a vacation to England and spend half of their savings on the trip . Every morning Dan wakes up extra early and he takes a jog around Micklegate Bar . Something strange always happens when he gets close to the ancient ruins . He always she shadows on the wall and he soon gets extremely cold and scared . He still doesn’t know if the shadows are real or not , but one day he was jogging and he went up to the stream and looked at it and saw his reflection . All of a sudden his face was gone and he saw the reflection of an old Roman soldier . He quickly turned around to see if anybody was behind him , but nobody was there . When he looked back at the stream the soldier grabbed him . He then got up and ran back to the
Hotel .

When he got back he saw Joe and told him about what had happened
(he knew Joe because Joe drove them to the hotel) . Then Joe told him that when he was younger that a guy he knew saw Roman soldiers come out of a wall . Joe told him that the guys name was Martindale and that nobody believed his story . Right after Joe told Dan Mrs. Harrison told Joe that two women were coming to the hotel and to give them a lift . So Joe left to pick them up . Before Joe left he told Dan that Martindale was on a ladder when the soldiers came and he fell off and ran into a corner in the cellar he was in .
Then he ran up the stairs .The

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