Society Through the Ages: Have We Changed? Essay

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The works we read in this class range from classics written before Christ to works written only a few years ago. These older works have passed from generation to generation, and along the way we have discovered innumerable life improving technologies that have radically changed the way and even how long we live our lives. I find it very difficult to imagine what life was like 2,400 years ago, yet a play from that time continues to remain very relevant to our lives. It is apparent by these works that the modern society still has much in common with civilizations from the past. We are still dealing with the same issues today that we have been dealing with for more than two millennia. Members of the population have a difficult time …show more content…
In this he was quite different from my mother, who, if she was feeling cheerful, would tell me all sorts of things” (Munroe 140). In all but the most unusual of cases both fathers and mothers care deeply for their children, but they don’t treat them the same. The different treatment is rooted in not just how men and women think and feel differently, but the innate differences between individuals. Our unique combinations of thought manifests through various communication styles, and when we communicate in a certain way we expect to be communicated to in a similar fashion. When what we expect does not match what we receive we encounter a miscommunication, which can cause anything from hurt feelings to accidental death.
Failures to communicate can be detrimental, but lying is the greatest disservice you can do to yourself and those around you. If a lie is repeated enough it becomes hard to distinguish between fact and fiction. Past this point you may even begin to believe the lie as truth, but this does not change the truth regarding what the reality actually is. This results in different members of society eventually inhabiting distinctly different realities. When the truth becomes known to everyone involved, the consequences can be disastrous for the perpetrator; people react strongly to being deceived. In Othello, Iago continually lies to pretty much every other character

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