Essay on Stem Cell Research: Should we legalize it?

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Stem Cell Research: Should we legalize it?
I. Introduction and History
Is going against certain religious morals worth finding cures using experimental science? Many scientists are constantly trying to push the boundaries of science to find new things. This is especially true in the medical partition of experimental science. There are a great deal of scientists working everyday to find cures to today’s diseases and illnesses such as Aids, cancer, Parkinson’s, and Alzheimer’s disease. People live with these illnesses everyday of their lives, and the number of people with diseases rises day after day. Naturally people want to help others so they turn to science. Religious people don’t have a problem with trying to help people, but rather
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President Bush vetoed bills trying to pass federal funding for stem cell research. Eventually President Bush made an address on television stating that he will not allow federal funding for new stem cells, but will fund research for previously obtained embryos from the past and he would allow private companies to fund the research themselves. President Bush compared “the decision about federal funding of embryonic stem-cell research to a decision to commit troops to battle” (Gibbs 1).
Stem cells have great potential but at the cost of going against the morals of many people. Research on stem cells has brought up a lot of questions. How wrong is the research if it is for finding cures to widespread diseases? Are embryos growing inside a lab the same as one inside a mother’s womb? “Is it O.K. to experiment on [them] if [they are] going to be destroyed anyway” (Gibbs 1)? Should scientists be able to play the role of God by changing the way a living organism was supposed to be? Even though some believe that stem cell research is morally wrong, and should be considered murder because scientists are destroying the beginning of a human being, the truth of the matter is stem cell research is beneficial for our society because it will help people cure diseases, and may in the future be able to create organs from scratch, helping all of the people waiting for organ

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