Taxes as Causes to Revolutions Essay

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Taxes are a main cause of why many revolutions and rebellions happen, including the American Revolution, the French Revolution and other rebellions.
Taxation is a system that the government uses to gain money, they gain this money to support the government and provide public services. The government may secure their profits without taxation from natural resources, products, or services. (Taxation 1)
One place where taxes were and are a problem still in the society is America, many rebellions and wars were caused from the tax increase.
Fleming highlights the fact that “No taxation without representation” was one of the famous slogans during the time of the American Revolution; this slogan means that the Americans were being taxed by the
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On December 16, 1773 Americans, members of the Sons of Liberty and inter-colonial association had a devious plan to play on the British. That night Americans dressed themselves as Mohawk Indians and threw more than 300 crates of tea into the Boston Harbor. This caused a few acts of outright rebellions and events to lead to the rebellions. The first revolution had happened when the British was messing with the taxes, the Americans didn’t know that the Prime Minster disagreed with the tax change and they went to fight the British guarding the customhouse, killing five people and wounding several this is what is known as the Boston Massacre (Brinkley 1). The British and Americans seemed to have many disputes throughout the years causing a series of attacks on each other. With America being upset about the tea tax they wanted to have some kind of revenge on the British, starting with throwing tea into the harbor and then having peopled killed at the customhouse.
Brinkley has reported that on March 1774 a parliament was passed for the Boston Port Act, which concluded that the city’s harbor was to be closed until the colony paid Britain 9,750 pounds of tea. They colonies never paid Britain the tea and they began to protest happened in the colonies, leaders mocked at the laws “The intolerable Act” and “The Coercive Acts” (Brinkley 2) With the colonies having to pay British with tea it was like them paying taxes, from the colonies

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