Essay on The Cause of the Russian Revolution

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The Cause of the Russian Revolution

I think that there would have still have been a revolution without the war, it would have just taken a lot longer. The war was like a catalyst for the revolution. This is because Lenin believed that there would be a revolution but he wrote that “We will not see a revolution in our lifetime”. There were major flaws in Russia before this.

Tsar Nicholas II was not a natural born leader, he had, had great tsar’s before him in the form of his father and grandfather. He was unprepared for the throne because of the sudden death of Alexander III. He was ‘charming but weak’. Nicholas was a firm believer in the autocracy and so were the people that he
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Extreme parties had been banned from the Duma. By this time education was on the increase as well so people were learning to read and write and be able to understand the political situation better. They would notice the bad things in society and the economy and want more and more for it to change as time passed by. Even though the people of Russia were growing more and more unhappy with the situation, the tsar wouldn’t have known as he kept himself to himself and didn’t really get involved, up until the war. For example, at his coronation where over 1300 people died but he carried on with his banquet

The autocracy was very important to the tsar and his people. Pobedonostev brought in Russification which preserved autocracy and opposed change; this was the opposite of what Stolypin and Witte were doing as they were trying to bring Russia into Industrialisation. It also had the opposite effect as it drove people away from the autocracy. Witte wanted to modernise Russia and maintain her position as a great power and to combine Western technology with the Russian autocracy. He brought in the railways, foreign investment and even persuaded the tsar to sign the October manifesto. This was around the time that he started to question whether Nicholas was able to uphold the autocracy while bringing Russia up to date with Eastern Europe, with countries like

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