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"We will bring the terrorists to justice; or we will bring justice to the terrorists. Either way, justice will be done." George Walker Bush, 2001. This quote made by President Bush in 2001 after the September. At the time, this quote was exactly what most Americans wanted to hear. The word Revenge perfectly describes what we wanted from Saddam Hussein. As the years have gone by, Revenge has been in the back of our heads. As the intensity of war has dropped, we have gone on with our lives. The cause of the war has affected our lives today. Many people won’t admit it but the war has caused problems in the world instead of helping. The effect of the war has changed all Americans lives in some way, shape or form. The cause of the …show more content…
Every country has some sort of power, some have more than others. Through this war, the United States is showing off the huge amount of power it has. Some say that in a few years, Iraq will be part of the United States of America. If this would truly happen, it would be another cause of the war. We are in economical crisis right now because of the war. As we are not in as much trouble as the Depression, we could easily slip into a similar event. The cause of the war is different in many people’s eyes. But to most it’s a confusing subject. Economically, the United States should pull out of the war. It’s affecting all American citizens in some way. If the United States never gets out of Iraq, the American citizens will suffer and so will the Iraqi citizens. The cause of the war is affecting both countries in a rather horrible way. We cannot blame all of America’s problems on the war because it isn’t all because of the war. Even thought the war is the main cause, America has pushed itself into this rut. If America can remove itself from this rut, then we can truly handle anything. The government has gently bumped America into paying outrageous gas prices, ext. Getting out of the war was not an option when Bush was president. He said "If we were not fighting and destroying this enemy in

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