The Effects of Cultural Values on the Family Essay

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The Effects of Cultural Values on the Family Over the last 10 decades, the culture in America has experienced a major shift in values and morals. The family has gone from a state of economic destitution during the Great Depression to a state of wealth and prosperity during the classic 50s. Major changes occurred in the family from Pre-World War II (WWII) to Post WWII. Women, including many mothers, started to work outside the home and many children were more inclined to move away from home sooner. A strong family is what America was built on and is the foundation of a stable society; therefore it needs to be secure and protected. Unfortunately it has become weaker, not stronger…why is that one might ask? Simply put, common morals that …show more content…
“A transformation in attitudes toward family behaviors also occurred. People became more accepting of divorce, cohabitation, and sex outside marriage; less sure about the universality and permanence of marriage; and more tolerant of blurred gender roles and of mothers working outside the home. Society became more open-minded about a variety of living arrangements, family configurations, and lifestyles.” (Bianchi) If one looks back even further in history to the beginning of the nineteenth century it is apparent that the family in America has come a long way. In the early 1900’s, entire families, including children, were working in factories. Workers labored for 10 hours a day, 6 days a week, which made a high quality of family life nearly impossible. (Coontz) American families have come a long ways since then, but that does not mean the country cannot strive for an even higher quality of family life. The drive for a person to be supportive of one’s family, whether related by blood or not, is what makes us a united society and country. America has never been a perfect utopian society; we have made mistakes throughout the years, including the huge stock market crash that left the world in one of the greatest economic downfalls we have ever known. There are still many mistakes that we can try to repair. One way in which American values have decreased is the

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