The Heated Debate Concerning Stem Cell Research Essay

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Stem Cell Research What would you do if your closest love one suddenly became paralyzed? In the past there was nothing to do to reverse paralysis, but what if there is now? Would you accept the risks and take a chance on a method that could get your loved one walking and back to normal again? Stem cell research is no longer a future unrealistic concept, it is here and having enormous impacts on the medical field. It not only may be the answer to paralysis, but it also has the potential to cure many of our society’s “incurable” diseases. and be the starting point for numerous other futuristic challenges; therefore, the United States should continue to invest in stem cell research due to its medical benefits, potential to cure various …show more content…
Collecting stem cells from bone marrow is “currently the only type of stem cell commonly used to treat human diseases” ("Stem Cells and Diseases [Stem Cell Information]"). Even though bone marrow is the most common way to gather stem cells, obtaining stem cells through umbilical cord blood is quickly becoming more and more developed. “For the therapies, doctors typically obtain cord blood from the placenta of volunteer donors after they give birth. The blood is then banked with one of several public registries” (jkh;jh). The final and most controversial way to gather stem cells is through embryonic cells. Scientists have found a huge source of unspecialized stem cells in embryonic cells, but the problem is that scientist take these cells from a “four to six-day-old human embryo-blastocyst” (Scott, Christopher). Many pro-life advocates believe that the embryo is qualified as a human being; therefore, what scientists are doing to collect the stem cells to some is considered morally wrong or first degree murder. Stem cells were essentially discovered almost fifty years ago by a man named Leroy Stevens while working at the Jackson Laboratory in Bar Harbor with test mice, since then the research has grown to helping improve the United States and the world’s health and living conditions. (kshlskd)
Medical Benefits The benefits and potential that stem cells have are almost literally untapped.

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