The Human Genome Revolution And Its Implications Essay

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The Human Genome Revolution And Its Implications

Thanks to today’s technology, we can talk to people thousands of miles Rezadistant, view stars that are worlds away, and delve into our body on an unimaginable scale. This revolution has been peaceful for the most part, but the human genome threatens to be the smallest item to spark controversy in history. Both sides hold powerful cards, and, when the smoke clears, the decisions made in this country and around the world will alter the future for our descendants. On a more regional scale, no matter what happens, the genomes that reside in all of us will be scrutinized as never before, and they will finally be understood.

The Rio Grande Valley is considered a
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(Genetically Modified Foods and Organisms, Human Genome Project Information) Today, insect resistant foods protect corn, soybeans, and other staple foods from the pests that would destroy them. The Valley’s high agricultural dependence, and its infamous number of pests of all sorts, could be forever altered by the introduction of such foods. The Valley could sell its citrus to the rest of the world without fear of the fruit fly or the odd worm. On top of this, foods could be altered to prevent allergic reactions, also a normal Valley occurrence, in those people that are susceptible. This recombinant DNA also has its drawbacks. Nobel never intended dynamite to be used as a weapon, and while the flu vaccine was intended to save people, it has, in all actuality, killed a number of people. However, the risks are well worth the rewards. Whatever mistakes are created by recombinant DNA can just as easily be altered to their original forms before the second generation appears.

Cloning of humans is often cited as the best reason not to tamper with nature. I must agree that cloning of humans, or any creature found to be sentient or with the natural rights that existence entails, is a disturbing thought. The abuses of such practices are much too great not to be banned before they come into existence. No one wants to see a fellow human being treated inhumanely because someone

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