Essay about The Immorality and Danger of Human Cloning

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The Immorality and Danger of Human Cloning

The emergency room doors burst open. The doctor and nurses dart into the room. Linda, a twenty-four year old soon-to-be mother, lies on a gurney in the middle of the delivery room. Several hours later Linda and her husband hold Madison, the miracle that has just been born to them. They have shared the astonishing experience of having the first ever, cloned baby.

Human cloning is very real and just around the corner. In the 1970's, the process of cloning was first experimented. However, the experiments were only done with toads and frogs. The cloning process has never been done with a human. Cloning a human is a very delicate and dangerous process that hasn't totally been figured out yet.
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The decision that they made was to be a homosexual; they need to live with the consciences, which means forfeiting the ability to have kids.

Another argument that some scientists have is that cloning would allow a family who has lost a loved one to have that same person in their lives again. This would only work if the lost one were younger, because the clone would have to be grown like a baby does. It would take a lifetime to clone an older person. Babies are born and people die. This is just the way life works. Would having a clone of your loved one who died really help at all knowing that they are a clone? It is extremely greedy of the family to have a loved one cloned because they died. It wouldn't be like they brought that person back to life. He or she would be different in the mental aspect of it. They need to get on with life, and the life process.

There has been talk of cloning humans for their organs. A human would be cloned and then his or her organs could be used for someone else who needed them. This is a very immoral idea. People, for example, grow plants and animals for food and other necessary things. With this idea the human race

would start growing its own kind in order to get organs. An identical twin is a natural clone. They are just as human as everyone else is. A human clone is still a human. Growing human clones like cattle and storing them in a freezer for their

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