Essay on The Impact Divorce May Have on an Individual

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With reference to literature, critically discuss the impact that a particular life stage transition may have on an individual.
The essay will aim to critically discuss the impact divorce may have on an individual focusing on prior, present and post-divorce and how the impact can differ between them.
It is of importance to note the difference between change and transitions. It is suggested that change is a situational process whereas transition is seen to be psychological; it what happens in individuals minds as they go through change and demands personal and psychological adjustment. Bridges transition model (1991) focuses directly on transition. The model suggests that there are three stages individuals go through;
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This is a fundamental aspect as having knowledge about prior event will able individual to focus on coping mechanisms and find the help they may need during the life transition. Past, present and post situations are directly focused on when looking at divorce. There are many factors prior a divorce that could alter the way an individual will react to the life event, this will be discussed later.
Life transitions are often seen as stressors that often seek a demand for adjustment from the individual. Transitions have been suggested to produce an extensive amount of effects on mental health. The variation of individual stress on a major life transition has been suggested by many researchers to be labelled under two different arguments. (wheaton, 1990)
Firstly it is argued that individual’s different coping resources for dealing with stressful situations has a great impact on how an individual will deal with the stress. It is suggested that the strategies of coping, ongoing dispositional qualities, social locations and social support is the focus of how an individual will control the life event (Cohen & Wills, 1985). The contextual approach to life transitions agrees with this by considering the individuals current life circumstance (social support) to be able to specify the stressfulness the event could cause.
Secondly it is discussed that events will

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