The Increase in Divorce Rate and Changes in Law Essay

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The Increase in Divorce Rate and Changes in Law

A divorce is a legal ending of a marriage between a husband and wife. Divorce rate has increased whenever laws have been passed to make divorce quicker, easier and cheaper and so many people believe that changes in law have led an increase in divorce rate. However, other sociologists argue that changes in law do not cause divorce and that the real reason why people divorce are changing expectations from marriages, the changing attitude of women and declining pressure from family, community and religion against divorce.

The 1971 Divorce Reform Act granted divorce on the grounds of 'irretrievable breakdown of marriage' and a divorce can take place
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The increase in the divorce rate is, however, more likely to be concerned to variety of other reasons Hart, a Marxist argues that even though many women now go to work they are still expected to do housework and childcare and this can cause resentment against the husband and the lead to divorce. Nearly 75% of divorces are started by women who are not financially dependent on their husband and have a greater belief in their own right not to be physically or sexually abused.

Dennis, a Functionalist, the welfare state has replaced most of the functions of the family and so once a couple no longer in love they do not have to stay together for example economic reasons.

It is claimed that social controlled like religion, friends and family kept married couples together and that in the past people were ashamed of being divorce, but today people are less religious. The divorce rate is high and so divorce does not have the same stigma that it did in the past.

Feminist like Oakley and Dobash say that the family can be a great place of unhappiness for women and children, but today women are less likely to put with this so they divorce.

If legislation (laws) was the cause of divorce them you would not expect divorce rate to be influence by social class,

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