Essay on The Potential of the Raëlian Movement through Humanism

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The Potential of the Raëlian Movement through Humanism

The Raëlian Movement, which began in late 1973, is a relative newcomer to the scene of world religions. While its late arrival has presented some difficulty in drawing followers, the movement has significant promise. The Raëlian Movement is overtly optimistic in its belief of the innate ability of humans to live prosperous lives. The Raëlian Movement combines principles of secular humanism effectively with scientific accounts of religious events to create a philosophy that has significant potential.

On December 13, 1973, a French man named Claude Vorilhon claimed that he encountered an extraterrestrial being. The alien, called Yahweh, explained
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Raël, as the final prophet, leads the members of the Raëlian Movement to advance their lives through science and technology, which can allow them to live as the Elohim do.

The Raëlian Movement is a philosophy more than it is a religion in the traditional sense. The movement describes its followers as staunch Atheists who are “destroying the myth of god.” ( The movement doesn’t deny simply the Christian or Hebrew God, but all supernatural deities. Yahweh, referring to people, says, “You mistook us for gods and distorted our teachings of love / we now reveal how to realize your potential and achieve global peace.” ( Rather than pursue converts from theistic religions, however, the Raëlian Movement is open to people’s right to choose what to believe and what to practice based on that.

As part of its appeal to modern generations, the Raëlian Movement emphasizes the importance of scientific advances. Humanity has shown that its scientific achievements and potential to continue them is great. Now that we have technologies that can be used to harm and to help, the futures not just of humans, but also of the world we live in and possibly even places or things beyond it depend on whether people use them malevolently or benevolently.

The Elohim are clear that humanity has the freedom to choose to use science and how. Should we welcome them, “their biological knowledge of how we best function can

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