The Roles of Greed, Envy, Pride, Prejudice and Jealousy in Miller's The Crucible

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“When dealing with people, remember you are not dealing with creatures of logic, but with creatures of emotion, creatures bristling with prejudice and motivated by pride and vanity.” - Dale Carnegie

This quote pertains to many different circumstances in The Crucible. People are complex, there are many things in life that makes them do illogical things and let their emotions get to them. We have good sides and bad sides and when we let our emotions get to us, we do things that are selfish, ending in hurting other people. Emotions are stronger then logical reasoning. Humans are not flawless we make mistakes. Greed, envy, pride, prejudice, and jealousy are all very powerful emotions that can lead to the downfall of people or even
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Before she learned about the other people in the village she prejudged them and accused many of false accusations. Abigail is probably the most to blame for the massive hysteria and trials in Salem. One of the people that Abby accused of witchcraft was Tituba. Tituba was the slave for Rev. Parris who is Abby’s uncle. Abby accused Tituba of being a witch even though she knew that the dancing and singing was part of Tituba’s religion. Ironically Abby asked Tituba to do the spells and to cast one on Elizabeth. She let her emotions about John Proctor (an older married man) get to her because of her affair with him, this caused problems for both Abby and John. Proctor’s wife Elizabeth, who was a cold natured woman who hated Abby for what she did with John. Elizabeth was one of Abby’s main targets which she accused of witchcraft. She sets Elizabeth up by putting a needle in a poppet and leaving it in their house. (Pages 1076- 1077). Finding a needle in a poppet is a sign of voodoo, a strike against their religion and a sign of witchcraft. This was just what Abby wanted, Elizabeth to be seen as a witch and for Abby to be Proctor’s next wife because Elizabeth would be taken and killed. Another character that wants revenge and uses the witchcraft hysteria to aid his greedy needs is Mr. Thomas Putnam. Mr. Putnam is a very greedy man who only wants land and fame. His wife Mrs. Ann Putnam is unable to give birth to healthy

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