The Tragedy of Othello Essay

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The Tragedy of Othello

If one reads Shakespeare's Othello, he can come to the conclusion that it might be one of the most tragic plays ever written by Shakespeare. It has characteristics that make it even more tragic than his other plays, and therefore for that reason, you can say that Othello is one of the most tragic heroes.
Othello is a noble man, one who has grace with the ladies but also possesses all the virtues of a military leader that he is. He has shown that he is reliable and well known in the military and is well respected. His violent personality, is what draws people to him, as it does to Desdemona. The senators value him and hear what he says when he speaks. This is shown here by one of the senators. "here comes
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With Othello being a military leader for most of his life, trusting another military friend is uncommon, and therefore Othello has no reason not to believe or trust Iago. So it can be said that Othello has a number of tragic flaws, one being trustworthy. It is not to say that being trust worthy is a bad characteristic, but not to trust his own wife is considered a bad one. Othello did not confront Desdemona and allowed his temper to blind his judgment. We can see that he is being a chauvinist, and that makes the truth lie somewhere in between being a victim and getting what he deserved.
Oedipus is definitely a tragic hero. In Aristotle's theory he talks about the ways you become a tragic hero. The first thing that happened to Oedipus is the "the reversal of fortune leading up to a final recognition". In the story this happens many times, when he is a baby he was sent to the mountain to be killed, which would be a misfortune. A shepherd comes up comes up to the mountain and saves him by bringing him back to Corinth. Oedipus kills his biological father. Later in life he solves the riddle of the sphinx and becomes the town hero. The next thing that happened would be when Oedipus finds out that he married his mother and killed his father which was what he was trying to stay away from his whole life. this also shows us that Oedipus is lying somewhere between being a victim and getting what he deserves.

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