Tragic Hero in Othello by William Shakespeare Essay examples

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One might think of a tragedy being a terrible and destructible event in one’s life that causes great pain and may contain great loss. One particular play written by William Shakespeare – one of the most well known poets in history, happens to be a tragedy-filled story. Othello, the Moor of Venice, set during the captivating renaissance era portrays a character named Othello who reveals characteristics of a tragic hero. The brilliant philosopher Aristotle from the fourth century B.C. developed his own definition and idea of what a tragic hero is. Eric Engle, author of “Aristotle, Law and Justice: The Tragic Hero,” said, Due to Aristotle’s influence, his tragic flaw has distorted western thought ever since its conception” (Engle). “The …show more content…
He is also said to have been a great and loyal leader. Although a soldier and a foreigner by trade, he delighted himself by marrying into an honorable family. An example of Othello’s dignified status was when he stood in front of the duke and senate in Act 1 scene 3. They were very sympathetic towards him, unlike Brabantio who had plans to embarrass him and punish him for eloping with Desdemona. Additionally, the story complemented him by labeling him as a valiant and suitable man known to those around him. Othello signifies a tragic hero in the sense that he was well respected by society and carried himself well.
One of the main occurrences in the story is that Othello, a moor, is in love with Desdemona, who is Brabantio’s daughter. Brabantio was the Venetian senator of the town, and did not want his daughter and Othello to be together due to Othello’s skin color, religious views, and age. Being a moor, Othello is perceived as an outsider. Desdemona and Othello’s love was filled with longing and passion. As their love story begins to unfold, the audience can sense that it may not all turn out to be pleasant. Othello, being the strong and courageous man that he was, was not afraid of Brabantio’s threats. He exemplified strong characteristics of his courage and bravery after Brabantio confronts him about eloping with Desdemona. Othello was also a very innocent person, and the person that knew that was Iago. Iago was the story’s antagonist, and

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