Tyrone, Napolean and Iago's Power Essay

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Power is one of things that change an individual’s perspective on life and their attitude towards it. Nikki Grimes the author of Bronx Masquerade tells the story about 18 teenagers struggling through their senior year in high school. The English teacher decides to have Open Mike Friday where the student brings in poetry to share. In the beginning most of the teens don’t even know each other, but in the end, friendships are made and the teens get a new point of view in their life. Power also plays in the book Animal Farm written by George Orwell. Animal Farm is a story regarding two pigs Snowball and Napolean who want direct power over the farm when Old Major, a respected figure, passes away. Snowball identifies what is right for the farm …show more content…
Since white people have more power than black people, Tyrone is usually put down on his career, this changes him negatively. Since Open Mic Friday began Tyrone’s classmates share their inner feelings and thoughts to others and this changes everyone’s perspective on life positively. Tyrone changes his point of view on life positively because all of his classmates showed their own power which made them all get along in the end. Too much power changed Tyrone positively by, he now knows his point of view on life and he gets along with his classmates very well, lack of power changes Tyrone negatively because of the white people that are messing with his future. Too much power and lack of power changes Napolean positively and negatively because he can control the farm by his own rules but then he loses his identity. Too much power changes Napolean positively because he now controls the farm by his own rules, he has more power over the farm and animals, and he can do anything he wants. Napolean is in charge so he treats himself very well just like the humans treat themselves, this changes him positively. Too much power also changes him negatively because Napolean is not the same no more his whole identity changed from an animal to a human. He also torched the animals by starving them if they didn’t follow his orders, he also made them do several hours of work, and this changes him negatively. Napolean`s excessive amount of power

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